9/9/15 Note


rolling through existence

trying to make it make sense

sometimes i wake up

fearing the day i won’t

thinking about the things I got

to do worried bout the things I will

leave undone waiting for me

all the time i am wondering

will the child in me ever feel fully fed

got some dreams to hatch before

they say there ain’t no more

not ready for a winding sheet

still want the roar the victory & cause I

have come to overstand i’ll take my

rain ride through my pain

been wandering trying to get home

again some peace of mind some quiet time

where i don’t have to bleed for everything

just a little bit of wind blowing this way

not everything just enough if only once

some time to explore the joy to feel sated

not always needing just one more mountain

maybe just a cabin on a hill

looking for the place to rest my head

the window with a view that’s mine

some time to ride the night train into my mind

some time to dance under the stars

to walk by the ocean

to chase butterflies to wade in the mystic

to dry the tears

quiet the fears

to just be here