words brought me the world

helped me to unfold it

place it on a map

see it clearly colored it

textured it roughly to cover

the places words can’t make

clear when they lie on their backs

bending over to stretch meaning

when they are slit open to stuff nuance

into protruding bellies to burst maggots

onto perception signaling words drunk

with intention that claim innocence

as they wreak havoc dissolving borders

erecting barriers writing new law dissolving

old ways burying the path to ritual

undoing as they do what they do

words are weapons in the hands of the clever

better than pony tricks in the circus of polytrix

the foundation of the matrix

bombs and bullets

making ballot boxes slippery slopes

utterances hollow action valued

what your hands do while your mouth moves

has become a level of interpretation

how your words live in the world an

indicator of intention

I had to learn to read the world

to understand that words are

instruments of terror reading

words has never been enough

for accurate overstanding

of the seamless overdrive that

wants to color your grain of sand

how it wraps and seals your options

like a disease limiting possibility

how tall you have to be to get

around their confines to use them

like machete to understand when they

have come to bury you slander you define you

to find a path through them to the ground on

which you stand saying the words of old law

natures law simple and irrevocable

praying with your hands moving

knowing that action is a signifier

a key to translation

you will know me by my actions

walk match the talk

life written on my face

truth my my most lethal instrument

tongue unruly

shadow covering all the ground

the words unearth

true to my word

my bond my name

my truth sung in unending

ritual speaking into the vortex

saying what I mean

meaning what I say

as it errects towers