she who holds up the sky



holding up the sky is

dangerous business

but someone has to

how will the sun set

where will the moon rise

if the sky falls

she who holds the sky above her

arms extended neck craned

to make sure the stars are

properly placed that there is

water in the drinking gourd

the north star pointing to

freedom the twins boxing

someone has to do it

so that those who won’t

can go forward in the storm

sometimes stars fall

hard to distinguish them

from her free flowing tears

bodhisattva for the world

for the unknown and

the unknowable

for the known

and for those who won’t

know the knowable

for the blood

singing her reality

for the dreams for the bones

for the bones

she who holds up the sky

feeding the ocean with her

tears sacrificed to Olukun

dedicated to Yemonja

who washes her feet

as she stands taller

than she should

her breast bared

her arms extended

above her nappy head

holding up the sky