mud and flower black girl painted

sometimes you look at your feet

you think where you done walked

you remember the holes you fell in

the times you were underwater

before you learned to swim

you forget you are walking that

the dirt remembers you

you let go of the power in that

in all of that

you let go you look down

watering all that with tears

it’s the world

you standing in the world

you look down

measuring the world

you can’t dream another

because it is all your story

for real it’s the tale of you

it is all true

it can’t be denied

it’s the road you walked to get here

standing on ground that remembers

you while you give away the power

of still standing still breathing not done

still here could just as easy turn my

head look at the sky

remember coming out the water

learning to swim dancing when weary

because movement is life

facing the morning

after praying for the dawn

getting out

getting over

getting out from under

i could look at the sky

dream another world

but sometimes you get stuck

stuck can’t go forward

cause you looking at your feet

you look down into the abyss

you are climbing out of

you recall the bones the hole

is lined with you remember the

hot breath of fear the taste of disappointment

the too late not enough the winning without reward

the debt that can’t be paid

the promise still unkept

of the sheer enormity of

hill you are standing on

where I could turn my head to the sky

count the stars like possibilities

look at the void like an opportunity

for the contemplation of  flight with

the wings I been building by pushing

one foot in front of the other

one foot in front of the other

going forward to now

crossing the wilderness of my existence

headed always towards Zion

I could celebrate my pulse

my warm blood

the taste of determination

the ground on which I stand

the hands that lifted me

or I could look at my feet

look at the sky

look at the hills in the distance

look at the all in all

and feel it rumbling in you

holding your hand

calling your name

saying go forward

movement is life

the ground remembers you

remember how you walked this

far remember you are

remember the story is still

being written

look up

go forward

one foot in front of the other

into tomorrow

look up

one foot in front of the other

into tomorrow

look up