As Promised: My Final English Paper

Fences starring The Lower Bottom Playaz. Oakland CA. October 2013.

Abnormal Perspective

Presentation Introduction:

I have written this to be a serious opinionated piece along with some of my own personality to make it interesting. So as to not bore you to tears I will be reading the beginning parts, which happen to be the most entertaining, and to accommodate your 21st century teenager attention spans I have kept it as short as possible.

Be warned: The following piece is a somewhat satirical paper and may be offensive to some of the listeners. If you are one of those people, then you may do one of the following things: leave the room, ignore me, complain to someone who will actually listen, purchase a cat, or stop being a whiny little weasel and get a sense of humor.


The books we have read in this class, many of which are counted among the ranks of great American literature, are based around…

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