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August Wilson and Ferguson

Wilson noted: “I think my plays offer (white Americans) a different way to look at black Americans,” he told The Paris Review. “For instance, in ‘Fences’ they see a garbageman, a person they don’t really look at, although they see … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Reflection

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Blessings Are Due Remembrances of Thanksgiving Then & Now By Ayodele Nzinga Smoked Turkey Oyster dressing Cranberries Mashed potatoes/gravy Shells & 7 cheeses Sweet potato pie Mustard Greens W smoked Turkey tails Home…

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Oakland After the Midterm Elections, Now What?

The local mid-term elections in Oakland have come and gone. We will have a new mayor and other new officials. What will be different? What will stay the same? What does Oakland need? Will a new administration bring us a … Continue reading

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I Want A Black Director

Originally posted on August Wilson Blog:
I Want A Black Director By August Wilson From “I don’t want to hire nobody just ’cause they’re black.” Eddie Murphy said that to me. We were discussing the possibility of Paramount Pictures…

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When August Wilson Insisted on a Black Director for a Hollywood Adaptation of ‘Fences’…

Originally posted on August Wilson Blog:
From Tambay A. Obenson: “It’s truly astonishing, and even depressing that, a long 24 years later, we continue to wrestle with the issue…” ? For the entire article, click the image.

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spider woman and twin war Godz

    riding with spider woman and twin war Godz born into a state of war divined to be she who remembers shield carrier spear chucker hard to duck her up right in storm moving forward like water persistently efficient … Continue reading

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fortune’s door

  i have been knocking on fortune’s door knocking with my strong right hand prayer is better than sleep action more divine than prayer so i knock on fortune’s door thunder answers rain has fallen is falling still there has … Continue reading

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Dead Poets

some say all great poets are dead they lie for true poets never die never they say all great poets are dead I say they lie for poets live in the words are the breath of Godz are the eyes … Continue reading

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