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dark art

my dark art grazed you truth raw stuns  like max on drums ancient sacred primal  dark art mesmerized you slipped in baptized you approached invited me to cite sing tap entertain you collecting my shroud of shadows gathering thunder  trailing wailing women prayers of … Continue reading

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fetal curl style in the cutting room arranging the chapters of your life you look at the front porches of others from the windows hapharzarly placed in rented walls in the cutting room you edit sorting lost moments songs unheard … Continue reading

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  when you live in rooms where shoestrings dangle tripping you up in the race to get in to get out to get where windows stay broken even though they painted shut the rats always return four and two legged … Continue reading

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things written in sand

pendulum swinging swing batter swing always moving Chrisman said that King said its an arch that gravitates towards good they say Anne Frank thought people were good at the heart I read Frank, belived King, overstood Chrisman the wind of … Continue reading

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Brickhouse Lily

jenny claimed the block tupac rose from concrete still deep in the streets lily in the middle of the bricks whole world fall down chicken little up in this saw the chicken scratch most mistook it for the news but … Continue reading

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A Deep Dive Into the Prison-Industrial Pipeline in “Beyond the Bars”

Originally posted on Oakulture:
What does “home” mean? Is home where the heart is? Where the hatred is? A physical location? A state of mind? Can prison be a home? What does it mean to come home? And, can you…

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#youwillnotkillmetoday (NPM2017 20)

death will come on the day it wants dressed as it pleases at the time he chooses death will come of that there is little doubt how it will be received is the matter here #youwillnotkillmetoday with ignorance because you … Continue reading

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