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A Deep Dive Into the Prison-Industrial Pipeline in “Beyond the Bars”

Originally posted on Oakulture:
What does “home” mean? Is home where the heart is? Where the hatred is? A physical location? A state of mind? Can prison be a home? What does it mean to come home? And, can you…

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#youwillnotkillmetoday (NPM2017 20)

death will come on the day it wants dressed as it pleases at the time he chooses death will come of that there is little doubt how it will be received is the matter here #youwillnotkillmetoday with ignorance because you … Continue reading

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1 if by faith (NPM 2017 19)

  1 if by faith lined up next to none talking about chances found rolling down hill looking for a way up out of no way 1 if by faith best intentions with the devil over your shoulder young bucks … Continue reading

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At the Berkeley Flea (NPM 2017 18)

hot afternoon  in late august or sometimes in early October in Berkeley the trees are few the heat radiates up off the asphalt in ripples like long grass on an africkan savannah far away in my memory the drummers drum … Continue reading

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in the land of skinny godz (NPM2017 17 )

In the land of skinny godz there is famine and want the people wander eyes closed voiceless afraid of punishment they tow the line ignore the crimes stand in the lines pray for better times but skinny godz don’t hear … Continue reading

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bag life (NPM2017 16)

  what do homeless people carry in their bags the bags in carts on bikes over weary shoulders the bags that mark them as without outside unhoused wanders carrying their lives in bags do they carry their important papers do … Continue reading

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Brick House Women (NPM2017 15)

brick house women don’t dream God they dream of the ocean walking on water through fire of rising like mist over rivers overcoming with the sunrise standing up when the sun sets when they dream of falling they then dream flying … Continue reading

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