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At the Berkeley Flea (NPM 2017 18)

hot afternoon  in late august or sometimes in early October in Berkeley the trees are few the heat radiates up off the asphalt in ripples like long grass on an africkan savannah far away in my memory the drummers drum … Continue reading

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here because this is where i find myself carrying bags packed by dead people brimming with faint possibles twisted among rude impossibles bag on my shoulder song in my heart i have come to draw me on impossible tall singing … Continue reading

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a final dream of flight

i have a pen i have written my own story i read yours it was narrow sad predictable on so many levels it did not predict my flight i wrote it over the text offered i spoke it softly looking … Continue reading

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on the border it says here/there can you get there from here of course can you get there from here with a little effort movement is possible or stillness if it is not here maybe it is there what used … Continue reading

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