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late to the dance floor

(Sometimes you should dance the first time you are asked. Later is too late most of the time.) when they want to they do like a swarm best not to stand in the way of mobbing manifestations of destiny don’t … Continue reading

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prophetic dreams blood and feathers shots in the night the shrinking ground edging forward towards open sky or the abyss struggling in the dark looking for the light hoping to fall up bruised by being held down no space for … Continue reading

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I Am

I have a majick life unlikely but true fiction worthy times are mine I have a majick life attracting the miraculous the preciously unpredictable surrounded by confirmation unfolding from nothing taller than MT Thai on time every time in time … Continue reading

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a final dream of flight

i have a pen i have written my own story i read yours it was narrow sad predictable on so many levels it did not predict my flight i wrote it over the text offered i spoke it softly looking … Continue reading

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dreams of flight/ 1

if you bought land in the country i would go i would learn to make jam i would become a country woman & maybe the days would find the beat of my life growing out of the ground smelling like … Continue reading

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on freedom & suffering

to own nothing is to be free or so its said suffering is caused by want they say small footprints with no sign of your passing they say i say sing loudly want things own your want your sorrow your … Continue reading

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one path to transformation

it was a thought a hunger a whisper a nudge, an invitation wanna dance? i said yes. i was good at no. it left me in the no where. so i said yes. yes opened a door- wanna dance? yes. … Continue reading

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here & now 2

sometimes in a face I see a story a play hiding in the way a man walks a song humming on a street corner sometimes the art is waiting in the ordinary waiting to be amplified what is more stunning … Continue reading

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here & now

because now is all there is because one can stand on yesterday but can not live there because the future is not here now is where the stage lives where the characters parade in their glory in their shame in … Continue reading

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there was always the thin line of silver shot through the vibrant orange orbs resting on the bed of crimson it should have spoke to you this is not one like the others this one has ideas about itself butterflies … Continue reading

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