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sometimes you look at your feet you think where you done walked you remember the holes you fell in the times you were underwater before you learned to swim you forget you are walking that the dirt remembers you you … Continue reading

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Child of the Horse Eaters

  I am a horse eater I am dungeon seed my pantheon divided 6/10’s  on the other side of the water 4 generations walk after crossing the graveyard in the ocean exiting doors of no return I have not returned … Continue reading

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late to the dance floor

(Sometimes you should dance the first time you are asked. Later is too late most of the time.) when they want to they do like a swarm best not to stand in the way of mobbing manifestations of destiny don’t … Continue reading

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standing in the storm rust the soul stand too long you crumble from within the ocean leaking from your middle saltwater eating at the outside I was born  standing in the storm long drops falling without end pregnant with sorrow … Continue reading

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dreams of flight/ 2

yes Baraka its a little difficult some days damn near impossible but i remember to remember you asking is it a little difficult? knowing its been harder for so many know they came in and beat you bloody locked up … Continue reading

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here & now

because now is all there is because one can stand on yesterday but can not live there because the future is not here now is where the stage lives where the characters parade in their glory in their shame in … Continue reading

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Flowers for the Trashman, Director’s Notes

“The average child can tell you more about his favorite artist than he can his own family. The everyday adult knows how to talk at children but spends little time talking to them as equal humans with viable information about themselves and their environment to offer. We are alone, traveling together on a blue ball spinning in space, more connected than ever before, and yet we are alone, isolated in our individual stories of self…” Continue reading

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lynching tree memoy

there are things I can never do i do not take certain things for granted no rose garden only grey tinted glasses blessed with memory too many people afraid to remember least the scars come open pus all over the … Continue reading

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Bleaching Cream Blues

  early in the morning before the world puts on its face she stands in front of the mirror pinching this poking that pulling on the other she turns slowly counting the ways in which she is not enough too … Continue reading

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its not the hoodies or the skittles BART rides not the wallet he pulled out or the comb the cell phone not the toy gun or the raised empty hands perhaps its the kiss of melanin the brown black velvet-ness … Continue reading

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