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tempered, forged, amalgamated solid containing an internal logic no predicable ambient point not likely to melt in benign circumstance likely to reassemble in its original pattern coalesced from remnants stubborn essential parts determining a whole complete with its own center … Continue reading

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before the war on families we were different together warm hands deep voices roses in the spring melon in the summer school clothes car vacations aunts uncles grandpas’ & grannies presents on Christmas morning Easter dinner church on new years … Continue reading

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Ralph Ellison’s Song

slain by ink again & again made invisible unseen conjured on the 11 o’clock news new mau mau’s jeans low wild threats to civility written on like a wall like an epitaph suffering on the margin blues after notes air … Continue reading

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you know nothing of my life neither the contours or its jagged torn edges not its superfluity nor me in my sublimity the salient sweet funk radiating out of my unborn thought dressed in melanin the saving grace of the diagnosed … Continue reading

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