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Old Men

blue black creased by living gin on their breath underneath the weight of the crush of being born invisible 5 dollar cigars and knowing in their mouths long eyes pained by memory grown in the shadows of years stacked atop … Continue reading

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Oakland’s New Minimum Wage: A Living Wage?

This story was supposed to be about eateries and the new minimum wage. I eat out now and then. I like good food. While not a foodie per say; I know what equates good food and stellar service. When they … Continue reading

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fortune’s door

  i have been knocking on fortune’s door knocking with my strong right hand prayer is better than sleep action more divine than prayer so i knock on fortune’s door thunder answers rain has fallen is falling still there has … Continue reading

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The American Century Cycle

I am often asked why August Wilson? Why did I decide to direct the American Century Cycle? I am producing the America’s greatest playwright’s seminal work in its entirety. I will be the first director to do so in chronological … Continue reading

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BAM: The Movement That Moved the World

The sixties, a time of social upheaval punctuated by the struggle of North American Africans to create Black political and social institutions, that advanced Black values, and promoted Black collective interest birthed, an affirmation, “Black is Beautiful”. It was a … Continue reading

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where do the homeless place their hearts what do they carry in their bags are there enough bags to carry memories dreams hopes where do they keep their shattered sense of security what story do they tell themselves about family … Continue reading

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2013 in my Rearview Mirror

2013 was a very full year for me and mine. It was a year that will perhaps help to define us for a lifetime. We are not strangers to difficulty in fact we often marvel at the statistical odds in … Continue reading

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