In conversation with Crows

ancient obsidian

sentries of the gate between worlds

they remind me to stand

in my integrity to know

what I know and stay the path

WolfHawkJaguar told me

“Don’t give up

before the miracle


I have left the door open

expecting Olokun to fill my plate

I am empty

all paid for sacrifice

I am open for

Crow wisdom

the knowledge carried by trees

the treasure found in


with the dirt

water both running & still

& the dead

I am open

to the transformation

Oya whispers in

the wind blowing me

closer to home

than I have ever been

I am open

to dancing the dance

my ancestors

visioned me bringing to

the world before

I was born

crowswhen I was without

name or form

only purpose

I am open

to the wisdom

of those who

came before

those sent to guide me

& messages from

the universe

waiting for the dance

I stay the path

rocks and all

I remember

I am open

to calls from

the blue to

offer  third-eye


from beyond

the pale

that remind me

I know what I know

I am who I say I am

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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