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Unlikely Magicians

Theater offers you a chance to solve a character’s problem, enjoy his destiny, fight along side him against his fate. Theater gives a performer a place to spend the emotional currency stored in an their well of lived experiences, it gives you a place to go when it is necessary to vacate your own reality temporarily for the sake of being able to carry it when you are forced to return to it. Continue reading

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Seven Guitars, A Glorious Gaze at the Mundane

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Wilson meets us where we live in all our drama and turmoil amidst the mundane backdrop of one day following another despite the brutality of the previous one. Continue reading

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Art as an Intentional Interruption: Walking Wounded

  Children Soldiers And the bones sing the pain of Tutsi children with parents lost and separated Some quite literally head from shoulders that could not carry the rages of  war. There is a church in Nymata where the skulls on the pews … Continue reading

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