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the way we walk

the story is being written madness majick and infamy spilling off the page too heavy to carry we tip over under the weight that rides dead center inside keeping us off balance stumbling up hill sometimes you got to grow … Continue reading

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sometimes you look at your feet you think where you done walked you remember the holes you fell in the times you were underwater before you learned to swim you forget you are walking that the dirt remembers you you … Continue reading

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she who holds up the sky

  holding up the sky is dangerous business but someone has to how will the sun set where will the moon rise if the sky falls she who holds the sky above her arms extended neck craned to make sure … Continue reading

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rusty bucket promises

  some days seem like the best I ever had is a rusty bucket half full of water with a hole in it on good days I remember to be grateful for the bucket  be joy filled that when I … Continue reading

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12. 26. 15

red cloth tales & miracles abound I am on the bottom of the ocean walking the bones with Wilson we follow the 1024 a solemn pantheon grandparents great grand parents we walk where they walked how they walked great greats … Continue reading

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Mike Brown, 2015

We would rather have our sons than wear t shirts That say rest in peace we know there can be no peace In the absence of justice no peace as long as it’s just us overstanding Black lives Matter no … Continue reading

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Flowers for the Trashman, Director’s Notes

“The average child can tell you more about his favorite artist than he can his own family. The everyday adult knows how to talk at children but spends little time talking to them as equal humans with viable information about themselves and their environment to offer. We are alone, traveling together on a blue ball spinning in space, more connected than ever before, and yet we are alone, isolated in our individual stories of self…” Continue reading

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