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the house hustle made

this is the house hustle made born blessings due 101 in the shade rough rider striding through life behind the veil imperial no fade  the light in the house  hustle made instructed by the bones bottom of the ocean on … Continue reading

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Flowers for the Trashman, Director’s Notes

“The average child can tell you more about his favorite artist than he can his own family. The everyday adult knows how to talk at children but spends little time talking to them as equal humans with viable information about themselves and their environment to offer. We are alone, traveling together on a blue ball spinning in space, more connected than ever before, and yet we are alone, isolated in our individual stories of self…” Continue reading

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spider woman and twin war Godz

    riding with spider woman and twin war Godz born into a state of war divined to be she who remembers shield carrier spear chucker hard to duck her up right in storm moving forward like water persistently efficient … Continue reading

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lynching tree memoy

there are things I can never do i do not take certain things for granted no rose garden only grey tinted glasses blessed with memory too many people afraid to remember least the scars come open pus all over the … Continue reading

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The American Century Cycle

I am often asked why August Wilson? Why did I decide to direct the American Century Cycle? I am producing the America’s greatest playwright’s seminal work in its entirety. I will be the first director to do so in chronological … Continue reading

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In order to make art artist need access to space, materials, marketing, points of exchange and more. Each item mentioned comes with a price tag. The bottom line gets bigger when you actually employ other artists. Star making needs Rainmakers. Continue reading

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FENCES: Art Without Borders–Wilson the Universalist

FENCES: Art Without Borders–Wilson the Universalist The Lower Bottom Playaz, the oldest North American African theater troupe in Oakland CA is presenting FENCES as a part of its commitment to August Wilson’s Century Cycle.  FENCES is perhaps the most familiar … Continue reading

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