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At the Berkeley Flea (NPM 2017 18)

hot afternoon  in late august or sometimes in early October in Berkeley the trees are few the heat radiates up off the asphalt in ripples like long grass on an africkan savannah far away in my memory the drummers drum … Continue reading

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in the land of skinny godz (NPM2017 17 )

In the land of skinny godz there is famine and want the people wander eyes closed voiceless afraid of punishment they tow the line ignore the crimes stand in the lines pray for better times but skinny godz don’t hear … Continue reading

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left handed child (NPM2017 10)

i dreamed of the left-handed child standing in the middle of the road i have been dreaming about preaching on milk cartons most of my dreams come from the ocean my sleep is a classroom my teachers are mostly dead … Continue reading

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in conversation with God

  do you talk to God do you listen when God answers do you overstand God’s will God demands you see God’s work you can hear God’s voice floating in the vibration beneath the surface of the ocean phantoms below … Continue reading

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xodus: the requiem #1 ballad of struggle seed

struggle seed plays through the narrative like pain oozing from piano keyz underwater bluz the weight of destiny born eyes open privileged to see I never close my eyes ancestors talk to me even if I wanted sleep its test … Continue reading

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brick house steps

there is blood on the steps of the brick house chalk outline washed away the blood is here to stay there is a cloud hanging over it won’t go away she’s quiet they call it solid in truth what would … Continue reading

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queen of the brick house

(For Fran) queens don’t always have crowns some scrub floors and wash dishes some walk to work in the rain some have hands that show the ways of their days hard work and waiting for the seeds planted to come … Continue reading

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the water is rising in the brick house having led many horses to water and watching them die of thirst in the brick house we have learned to outlast the rain we tread water we can’t dance upon baptize ourselves … Continue reading

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no thirst

https://goddessinspired.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/olokun-at-bottom-of-sea.jpg under the water looking up from the house of Olukun I will never eat from an empty plate I hold the rope the path is cleared I am in the water the water is my mother holding me in … Continue reading

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The Question

can you keep your shoulder to the wheel knowing the harvest is not for you dressed in flesh you will reap in the grave the future you feed may never feed you the horse eaters land is gone the children … Continue reading

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