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neither wolf nor sheep (NPM2017 11 )

prophets are often thrown into the lion’s den not knowing true lions are friends to guerilla’s in your midst seeking higher paths upholding righteousness invested in the movement of the pendulum that signifies the moral arc go ask Daniel go … Continue reading

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left handed child (NPM2017 10)

i dreamed of the left-handed child standing in the middle of the road i have been dreaming about preaching on milk cartons most of my dreams come from the ocean my sleep is a classroom my teachers are mostly dead … Continue reading

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beyond capacity (NPM2017 9)

there are places you may never see out beyond the end of the known past the safety nets where the air thins the ground is rocky there is no path all roads are uphill where life stretches you like a … Continue reading

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The Gratitudes: Moving Hands

I am grateful for the movements created out of praying with your hands moving lift us up we will not fall ever forward like the love of mother’s invincible boundless like the abundance of fat godz a lioness awake circling … Continue reading

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the house hustle made

this is the house hustle made born blessings due 101 in the shade rough rider striding through life behind the veil imperial no fade  the light in the house  hustle made instructed by the bones bottom of the ocean on … Continue reading

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Oakland CA by Drum

drum in your heat beating out ya way drum in the public square drum if you go to the moon drum in ya office at ya church in the street loudly while marching carry signs that say Godz love drummers … Continue reading

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Old Men

blue black creased by living gin on their breath underneath the weight of the crush of being born invisible 5 dollar cigars and knowing in their mouths long eyes pained by memory grown in the shadows of years stacked atop … Continue reading

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Thirty Poems in Thirty Days National Poetry Month 2015 ucc

I accepted the 30/30 challenge offered by a group of fellow poets. This is the result. Thirty poems written in 30 days. Poem#30 (4/30/2015) North American African Poet i am a poet language and ideas are my meat & bread … Continue reading

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lifted measure one

sometimes it gets hard to lift something must be shifted can’t go on this way even if youre gifted can’t drift in the game twisted i insist i get a grip i know the story flip the script stealing my … Continue reading

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it is not your imagination its reality invisible unspoken really real for black & brown bodies housed in bruised lives it is an immutable truth bearing down ruthlessly on a harsh reality measured by any standard its not an individual … Continue reading

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