The Gratitudes: Moving Hands


I am grateful for
the movements
created out of
praying with
your hands moving
lift us up
we will not fall
ever forward
like the love of mother’s
like the abundance
of fat godz
a lioness awake
circling prey
lines drawn
lines held
lines crossed
in the light
of burning
prayer with moving
hands crossed path
with dogs and hoses
hoods and nooses
spoke truth moving
standing on ground they
were building
heads high
hearts unbowed
fists in the sky
freedom in our sight
hands moving
living in prayer
religion is what you do
is your faith asleep
wake it up
move your hands
make something
praise something
raise something
fix something
change something
be something
start something
stop simply dreaming
& build something
move your hands
as you pray on it
lift us up
we will not fall
grateful for warriors
with prayer on their lips
and moving hands
don’t just talk about it
move your hands
be about it
I am grateful
when hearts and feet
follow each other
hands moving
dancing as fast as i can
don’t care whose looking
singing loud enough to wake the dead
moving hands
moving hands
moving hands

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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