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The Lower Bottom Playaz:FENCES at The African American Museum and Library at Oakland.

Lower Bottom Playaz, Inc, under the direction of Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD present the 6th of the 10 play cycle on their march to be the first troupe ever to do all ten in chronological order.

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In conversation with Crows ancient obsidian sentries of the gate between worlds they remind me to stand in my integrity to know what I know and stay the path WolfHawkJaguar told me “Don’t give up before the miracle happens” I … Continue reading

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In order to make art artist need access to space, materials, marketing, points of exchange and more. Each item mentioned comes with a price tag. The bottom line gets bigger when you actually employ other artists. Star making needs Rainmakers. Continue reading

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The Importance of August Wilson to American Theater

Originally posted on A.Nzinga's Blog:
August Wilson is a playwright. In my opinion he is the most important American playwright of the 20th century.  His work the Century Cycle is the most expansive chronicle of American life in  the history…

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