The Importance of August Wilson to American Theater

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August Wilson is a playwright. In my opinion he is the most important American playwright of the 20th century.  His work the Century Cycle is the most expansive chronicle of American life in  the history of American theater. His tale of America is a tale told from a view off center. It is the view from behind the veil. The center of Wilson’s America is the nation in the nation. A view from off center affords a different vantage than the vantage afforded from the center of the public sphere.

DuBois speaks of the duality of Negritude in North America and those of us who are conscious behind the veil know that our twoness has followed us through the twentieth century into the new millenium. We are caught in a facade within a facade even in this dubiously titled post-race era in possession of a President with African blood and a North American African…

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