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The Sad and Sorry Tale of Caesar Wilkes. (Radio Golf: Production notes #1)

To understand the end one must have an appreciation for the beginning. So as I begin production of Radio Golf by August Wilson I am compelled to look back over the American Century Cycle to the beginning. I met Caesar … Continue reading

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late to the dance floor

(Sometimes you should dance the first time you are asked. Later is too late most of the time.) when they want to they do like a swarm best not to stand in the way of mobbing manifestations of destiny don’t … Continue reading

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standing in the storm rust the soul stand too long you crumble from within the ocean leaking from your middle saltwater eating at the outside I was born  standing in the storm long drops falling without end pregnant with sorrow … Continue reading

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Race Card

prelude language could help us build the truth wake it from where it sleeps if used like surgeons knives to cut past the fat the augmentations of smoke and mirror language has ever been a weapon always in the beginning … Continue reading

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For my Mama

my mama had hands knock you into next Sunday get you right quick she knew what you thought before the thought formed we were instructed to think good thoughts she was intuitive to a point she wanted things she discerned … Continue reading

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one in a million or one working harder than one million always on looking for the crack in the door lucid dreamer taking notes one more mountain knowing there is another beyond hungry tapped into the infinite growing vision exceeds … Continue reading

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Wilson as Redemption Song

We are wandering in the wilderness; all there is to save us is an unsung song of self. If you can’t imagine North America as a wilderness you have not experienced history from my perspective. My people were captured and … Continue reading

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prophetic dreams blood and feathers shots in the night the shrinking ground edging forward towards open sky or the abyss struggling in the dark looking for the light hoping to fall up bruised by being held down no space for … Continue reading

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I Am

I have a majick life unlikely but true fiction worthy times are mine I have a majick life attracting the miraculous the preciously unpredictable surrounded by confirmation unfolding from nothing taller than MT Thai on time every time in time … Continue reading

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Mike Brown, 2015

We would rather have our sons than wear t shirts That say rest in peace we know there can be no peace In the absence of justice no peace as long as it’s just us overstanding Black lives Matter no … Continue reading

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