beyond capacity (NPM2017 9)


there are places

you may never see

out beyond

the end of the known

past the safety nets

where the air thins

the ground is rocky

there is no path

all roads are uphill

where life stretches

you like a rubber band

its in the tension you

find traction to go forward

propelled from god’s hand

seeking destiny

walking fate’s tightrope

eyes on the time when

we cross over the abyss

gaping below like a hungry

thing waiting our failure

there is only one

choice to be made

at the end of capacity

the choice is go forward

go forward past the boundaries

the walls over the pits

the places where the bricks

are missing the cracks in

the sidewalk the shortfalls

the not enough the not

for you not now not ever

bend to the wind and

go forward push the

edge back dance on it

become the one who

draws the line

ignore the line

go where the tightrope



the rope

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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