the water is rising in the brick house

having led many horses to water

and watching them die of thirst

in the brick house we have learned to

outlast the rain we tread water we

can’t dance upon baptize ourselves in

the persistent storm of our lives

knowing we are not princesses we are

taller no princess could survive the floods

we have endured we have never looked for

perfect endings wrapped in rainbows rather

we look to see tomorrow is coming praying

for it through waterlogged fingers seeking

honey after the test breast stroking for life

underwater walking on ocean floors for inspiration

we talk to the dead who are often more reliable than

the living having laid their burdens down surrendering

to the water counseling those wading hip deep

through the deluge looking for light and a reason

to take one more step try one more time to keep holding up the sky

not to drown in our own tears we hold our heads up

face to the sky and go forward there is nothing else

we only go forward into tomorrow or the ocean

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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