God as a Wild Woman with Stars in Her Hair

god is a wild woman

god as a wild woman with stars in her hair

they told me god

was a wild woman

with stars in her hair

i have seen such women

sun glowing in their eyes

wind pouring

from calloused finger tips still soft as the love

burning in their oversized hearts

big breasted yemojas feeding a world


starving themselves in the process

yet they are round full

curved life overflowing abundant

hands open always

enough for one more & another still

all welcome at the table

prayer on their lips

upturned eyes in conversation with the unseen


even when the river is dry

if you see one of these women

be careful

not to be burned

by the stars falling from her hair

she is not aware

that love sometimes bruises as much as it heals

or perhaps she does know

 & gives the burden of loving her freely

to focus distracted travelers on their true worth

she has seen it

smelt their potential for human beingness

she waters their dreams

praying they grow tall enough to carry the thorns in the bag

with the blessing that is life

she dances late night

under the moons faint light

grinding the blue in raindrops & old thoughts

to grow new medicine for the sick at heart

she lives in tomorrow where she is waiting for the lame to walk

to their races & win

she knows what is possible

 most things are so

she continues baring her breast for the world to suckle


falling from her hair

crying out todays

pulled out of endings

weaving new beginnings for those

who have forgotten the

taste of hope which can be bittersweet

she has heard

the earth sigh

she knows pain is endless but there

is joy in walking even when the path is rocky

she believes in transformations

she has seen the wind

blow everything away


how much nothing weighed

stood on the path


drowning in her patience

to be reborn as fire

returned to the path

her hand outstretched

she is bounty

she is abundance

she is grace

that does not retire in the funk of it all

she is taller than she should be

they say she should bar her breast

keep them for herself

she can not

that’s not her story

her story is

giving to receive

passing what is received

to those who need

so that she

may be filled again

she is endless

she is a wild woman

with stars in her hair

crying out todays

so there will be tomorrows

bittersweet hope on her tongue

sun shining from her eyes

they told me


was a wild woman

with stars in her hair

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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  3. Constance Harris says:

    This is the most beautiful work I have ever read. Thank you for sharing. I will make sure the author is credited when I pass it on…….you have blessed many!!!!

  4. bakersm58 says:

    Awesome. Blessings on your work. I also loved the Meditations for Grounding Oneself… Superb.

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