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Marching though the American Century Cycle — walking with Wilson every step an education. The pupil praises the teacher and remains dedicated in the quest for overstanding. — We will be made whole. We will remember to remember being born free with dignity and everything.

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One supposes things get easier the longer you do them. Not necessarily so. Some things don’t get easier. Some times the degree of difficulty is a divining feature. It helps to illuminate one’s dedication to a task. It helps to codify the reasons for some acts of valor. Creators create out of a necessity. They are called forth to create. They are compelled to create. They are driven. Some folks say that artists must suffer, that their art is a product of that suffering. I don’t know that to be a fact. Suffering may deter creation, may block the fount from which it flows, may prevent creation. Sometimes suffering informs creation. But it is perhaps the ability to suffer that should be examined. The source of an artist’s angst is often awareness, the ability to see, to feel, to empathize. The ability to sit in “suffering” can be a birthing process. To be informed by suffering is worthwhile if it is…

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