child the world is full of boogymen

who fly on skelly bird wings not

just one of them but legion boogymen

in suits with briefcases full of important

papers pages that hold your fate sealed

like tombs boogymen in robes saying your

fate like night falling boogymen in uniforms

that confer authority boogymen who eat

children bad and good along with their parents

boogymen built into the system built by boogymen

calling shots making you dance giggling

as you struggle they like to call the tune

a terrible bop dance that eats the dancer

boogymen don’t care no way boogymen

are everywhere and most wear suits

designer shoes trade on the exchange

exchanging recipes for money making

no flags no allegiance they are global seeking

to be universal boogymen with a plan

well armed infected with greed eroded morals

drunk on i can so they do will do it to you

the boogymen

the boogymen

the boogymen who mostly wear suits

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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