Deep In

in the deep of the deep

where the truth is told

aloud hitting like day light

drive bys naked unvarnished

we don’t play politically correct

understanding the dance has no

steps the imperative is to survive

arrive alive at the borderline cross over

don’t look behind remember lots lot

in the deep things are sacrificed

some willingly dropped bad habits will not

serve they will hang you by them they will

slow you down the deep deep requires fluidity

you will travel with others but always find your

own path to walk your own path you may need

to let go of things that make you slow want

you to fall down the snares pits traps nets

floating searching the deep for open eyes

dead men float in the deep you see them pass

by remember to keep your eyes open in the deep

you enter doors that only go one way

no way to unring a bell

to forget having flown flawlessly

once your eyes are open its hard to sleep

in the deep words mean what they mean

not what you want them to say

things are clear no fog in the deep

hunters rebels soothsayers charlatans

battle philosophically in the shallow end

destructing constructs crafting ideology

simple logic in the deep hunters hunt

prey learns to fight or becomes a meal

we all need to eat to live

prey becomes a hunter in the deep

rabbits with guns

who tell stories of

besting cotton at its own game

surviving to share the real rules

the ones taught in the deep

not in schools of fishes sheeping

away the now oblivious to yesterday

hoping tomorrow brings ease

in the deep tomorrow is wrested

from sharks to insure survival

deep in the deep

where the rubber meets the road

less rhetoric

clear vision

good aim

deep in the deep


About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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