Porch Light

ain’t no way
of stopping the flow
in alignment
ready to roll
u can get behind or get off the road
my people ain’t heavy
born to carry this load
i don’t defer dreams i make them explode
make confetti outta bad intentions
shoulda mentioned child of the lemon
tree you got to grow to see me
it’s all lemonade
baby the way i make its
gravy & if i come for you
even God won’t save ya’
unruly slave
don’t know how to behave
bury you before i dig my
own grave don’t want to
dance don’t knock on the door
be too late to think
coming up off the floor
need to know
once ya get what you want
think you want more
born doing a hundred
on killing floors
you closing windows
i’m kicking in doors
i’m a graveyard dancer
i keep the drums in the trunk
pull up & throw down
if you yearning for funk
but when this movement
drop don’t be two stepping
better run go find you some duck
war godz hype no intent to be
polite want to give you
what you need
wanna serve you up
want to treat you right
& then I want to turn
you off like a porch light

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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