Guilty of Innocence

innocence might live in a child’s

eye until dreams of Santa & Easter

bunnies die but it does not play

well in the grown up world where

ignorance is no excuse & what is

ignorance but grown up innocence

conjured not to know the way the

world works who gets in

who is locked out who is fed

who is hungry who lives inside

who can’t sit or lie who is protected

by justice when does she cover her eyes

who is laughing who is crying

wheres the truth

whats the lie

who gets to live

who is allowed to die

the reasons for the cruel cuts

the hands over the ears

the closed eyes

the broken hearts

the shattered lives

ignorant innocence is

not a room in which to hide

when accounts want settling

the sun sets on one paradigm

with another kicking in the door

there is no protection in not knowing

its a false act by a bad player

no one buys it

we see behind it

need no light to see the fear

flickering in side naked

without the lie of innocence

your stamp on the acts

that ravage



your face in the window

blood on your hand

you dancing around the hanging tree

with your children laughing merrily

swallowing the ocean

eating the sky

wanting all the sand on the beach

wearing heads around your neck

howling around the fire

fangs bared

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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