you told me i was cool


like cucumbers in the summer

undeniably fresh

but you never understood

i was for real

told you my dreams

they all came true

except the dreams i held

onto about you funny

we keep running in to one another

maybe we were going the same

place even though you couldn’t see

it would not believe on it

let it fall in a crack that

weeds grew out of

i let go of lots of things

to walk in the ocean hear

the dead so i could innerstand

dirt my relationship to the stars

why i walk the earth

my imperative from birth

i let you go finally this time now

a year that could have been forever

something that turned to nothing

an ash from a fire that warmed me

the cup the cold water was in

before i drank it

left behind like rooms i

used to wander in looking for an exit

like flowers bought a week ago

the beauty of the blooms

and the intoxicating smell

i let you & those dreams go

i claim the right to fill the space

with mountains in front of me

you would need to climb

i don’t stand still

you would have to run

i kept dreaming

you would have to learn to believe

& maybe it just took you too long

to be able to see me

still cool

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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