a buck twenty wet in boots

just growing chin hair

smooth black code

walking  tatted

on the chest blazing in

eyes smooth black

warrior immaculate

head tilted locks swinging

fist up life on one side

him on the other

he came to win took a

few but swinging back

no number no more

let it go you

can’t always count on that

but it happens he don’t thug like you

think knows it possible to swim

he refuses to sink

gonna make the wind blow his way

or die trying to harness the wind

all in sinking not an option

he gon’ learn to swim

duck dodge swing again

life can’t be bigger than him

he working it on both sides

growing still living still swinging

trying to bring it down to size

he is the one the chance

the prayer the redemption

the ship leaks so he gone bring it

in against the tide if need be

shoulder in he swings again

don’t need a knock out

just a fair decision winning

his new religion he praying

with hands moving that

hook is a blur his scars medals

of what he has endured

head down stance sure

he closes in on who

he is the part he plays

the song swelling with in

bleeding for himself

sacrifice and the victory

honor finding glory

dancing on the yellow line

redefining the stakes

as the game is played

jab uppercut underhand right

he in there

with a hay maker

coming from the left

or the right

dedicated to living

never giving up the fight

I bet the house on him

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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