That New Millennium Dime: 9th Installment: Children

They say children are the future/if there is a future

it should be guarded by your children for their children/

children as guardians/future children/

children must stand on the past/change it/destroy it/rearrange it/obliterate it/but you must stand on it/perhaps in spite of /or/ because of it/but/ you must remember/you must

realize/there are no wheels in need of creation/we just need new paths to roll on/you will not create revolution/will you move it/?/

dont question the bridge you came across/rebuild it if its faulty/never fear rebelling against it/build on top of it/but dont forget what the foundation of this moment is/

draw from it/

/paint a future your children can rearrange

/if you need to be cut/to learn knives are sharp/you

will waste a lot of time bleeding/time

is funny/the road

looks longer than it is/

dance quickly/burn brightly/dream loudly/.now

tomorrow is not promised/grow



your parents/only better

fix it/

dont forget what you know when you come here/remember

/the gift you were told to share/remember

close your eyes/remember/dont forget/imagination

is your friend/truth is heavy/you are strong/lets pretend leads to lets do/do/stand on the ground/sink in roots/spread your arms/open your mind/now fly/there are no limits/just unknown wonders/wonder/.dare/.make/.run/.fall/.cry/run again/.again/do it again


About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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