Woman (from That New Millennium Dime)

beautiful outside the box african

it dont mean nothing

w/o a woman…

…dont mean nothing…

God wrapped velvet/over tempered steel

&made a woman/in the image of the creator

/creators of life/

godly metaphors/virgin mothers

mothers of godz/or/monster makers


/deep water majick/

we need new mirrors/to see ourselves as we are/to reflect us as we were meant to be

bring me the moon/I want to see myself

full/w/o the basket of burdens

weighing me to the ground/where is the moon

if i could weave the tears/i would cover the scars/i would turn the sound of women crying                         into laughter/& the smell of sunshine/i would make weapons                              of the anguish in our eyes/when we think of men & children/i would give jeweled armor to the yearning/for home/where things grow/children/relationships/flowers/dreams of tomorrows/tomorrows

we are curved like african drums/soft as drugstore cotton/strong as moonshine/memorable melodies/rolling like ocean/haunting/inspiring/nourishing

some are husks/sucked out/see the bitter bitch/once queen/once princess/baby/honey/sugar/darling/closed/gone/lights out/steeped in bitterness/smells like regret/loss/emptiness/sour hope/bruised love/broken promises/too many chances/burns like acid/

who would piss on flowers/?/

we are not disposable/not interchangeable/not throw away/do not play pursue & abuse/dont hit cuss kick neglect me/who put her in the dumpster/left her half-naked on the side of the road/?/raped her/?/raped & beat her/?/raped beat & killed her/?/who sold her body like lumber/who used her until she was a dust-filled husk/no sparkle/no bounce/no music in her laugh/no flower smell/no silk swish/no gentle clang of golden bangles/no perfumed hair/no pomegranate lips/no rose petal hands/

who made her a video vixen/?/

just a body/might as well be a machine w/tits & ass/shake it mama/shake it like dice/drop it now/snake eyes on ya/pull it up/pull it down/bend over/shake/who reduced her to a mouth & pussy/who reduced her/whose ho is this/?/

who gave her a gun and told her/now you equal

who said use what ya mama gave you/?/

what ya want ya mama/daughter/niece/sister/sweet little baby girl/to do for that slick cat/think a little sumpthin like you/?/what you want mama to do/its a mans world/dont mean nuthin/nuthin/

where is the room for wounded women/?/

wounded in the hands of lovers & friends/twisted/twerked/worked/pimped out/touched too soon/not touched at all/needing touching//broke like a scratched disc/no music playing/long gone/just hanging now/dead on the inside

/i want to be an ocean woman/

life giver/soft yielding/firm shores/sun rising/moon glow/magnolia scented/juicy peach/perfect storm/hibiscus honey flavored/have you seen her/aint no woman like…/a love song/sought after/held like money/open as a meadow/wonder woman/revered/touch me in the morning/a first & last thought/an obsessive addiction/deep desire/fetish/hold me like you loved me before you knew me/sing in my ear/give me all you got/& want me to have more/adore me/know me & love me/still/let me be that woman/start your heart/stop you in your tracks/make you want to be correct/let me/touch your soul/soothe your body/ease your mind/be east to your west/let me/be that woman/let me

be that woman

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