That New Millennium Dime: The People, Installment # 12 pt 1

Part One

for the people/

we the people/the people/ tied to the land/ dust to dust/ born in hope/ better

tomorrows/ long days/ long nights/better tomorrows/we

work/ we pray/ dreaming of better tomorrows/ the people/

unaware of the wheel/ the people asleep at the wheel/ the people asleep/

we the people/ following/ planting/ marching/ loving/ bearing/ harvesting/

sowing/stumbling/falling/reaping/ surviving/in spite of ourselves/the people/ who follow/

the sun/

the son/

the surf/

the seasons/

the stars/





our fear/

the people/  in darkness/ seeking knowing/ dust

dont know/ knows/




yearning/for a song/words & tune forgotten/b4 dust is dust/dust wants to

know/why/why dust to dust/why life/why/the people divided/


born of woman/

born to die/why

same as cacti and roses/

no different/

what kills one kills both/ the same

same needs/better tomorrows/more sun/more rain/

we/the people/plagued by nature/typhoons

of greed/the need for better tomorrows/






civilizations/continents/cultures/religions/nature/plaguing nature/plaguing each other

/un aware of the wheel/the people asleep at the wheel/

people who bow to gods/praying in ten thousand tongues/

r u better than yr gods/ do they kill & plunder too/do they defy & defile nature/

r they asleep at the wheel/?/we the people kill r gods/make monsters/steal in the name

dead gods we refuse to follow/we the people/unmake/remake/asleep at the wheel/marching w/wolves/thinking like

sheep/we sleep/we the people/quiet fodder/forget quickly/want to believe/dust dont know/ asleep at the wheel/dreaming of better tomorrow/we the people pushed to the edge/a footnote in a wolf fight

/asleep at the wheel


Part Two




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