The Wheel: That New Millennium Dime, Installment 15

the circle/perfect expression/one/isness/reality check/one/circle/perfect/round as a state of being/full/circle/wheel/forward/faster circles/bigger/ motion/in motion/expression of overstanding/we stood/walked/talked/& discovered the perfection of the circle/together in the dark/the wheel an expression of overstanding/one tribe/in a circle/wolves outside/inside the circle/food/fire/song/overstanding/overstanding the divinity of oneness/in overstanding we wanted more/bigger circles/bigger wheels/wheel got too big/who can drive this wheel/somebody got to drive the wheel/take us where we want to go/greater overstanding/better tomorrows/pave the road/wheel can move faster/clear the forest/wheel can move faster/take us where we want to go/better tomorrows/greater understanding/somebody drive the wheel/build temples to hold our overstanding/bubbling over breaking the circle/somebody drive the wheel/build us some fences/hold the overstanding/keep out those who dont understand how we overstand/we on our way/build a better wheel/flying wheels/driving wheels/sailing wheels/wheels that turn on money/bigger wheels/who can drive the wheel/need a big wheel to drive the wheel/drive over the circle looking for bigger wheels to drive the wheel/how did the wolves get into the circle/somebody got to drive the wheel/bigger tomorrows/better overstanding/wolves at the wheel/somebody gotta to drive the wheel/who let the wolves into the circle/how the wolves get the wheel/wolves driving the car/car full of sheep/asleep/we them people/ asleep/

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I create; therefore I am.
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