New Page

mornin dawnin

new day upon us

sun rising

sun shine

brand new page

get cha news

i’m on it

brand new day

sun rising

day dawin

brand new day

brand new page

& if ya reading this

ya on it

honor the day

splash life all on it

brand new page

we on it

we on it

fore sun set

i plan to own it

don’t let me pass you by

get on it/get on it

its a brand new page

we on it

we on it

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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3 Responses to New Page

  1. Judy L. Brekke says:

    I am on it – I love it!


  2. Thanks Nzinga. I really needed to hear myself talk on this one. I have been being so obstinate here of late that the soft arse I’ve been cultivating made it hard for me to sit down and really do inventory and consider the fact that I am winning. New starts for right hearts!


  3. em'maya says:

    We own it!
    Give thanks.


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