Karen Seneferu's tribute to Kemba Shukur

(Art by Karen Seneferu in honor of Kemba “Walking Tree” Shakur at the Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland CA)



ghetto children in the inner city

got grand parents from the country

grandparents moved to the city for

a better life for your parents

somehow missed the mark

or the mark moved maybe

marked to wander


going back to the country

cause there

aint no jobs in the city just cops

coffins drugs and guns

no milk no honey believe that


& see how we run

so its back to the country back down south

back away jack sold grandma’s house and go

back to the land we no longer own great grandfather

sold it to go to the city for the jobs that went

to indonesia taiwan pakistan just gone man

like us from the country from the city

from the continent

where we gonna end up at

13th tribe of Judah born to wander

in the sorrowlands of North

America for over 400 years

treated like Haiti

waiting to explode

somebody forgot to say go

but we gone

real gone man

gave up jazz

lost in blues

popped by pop culture

singing in murder inc

with no limits

cuz we underneath plymouth rock

& fellas still don’t git it

we wit it

sic with it

up all night

drowning in poison

thick in the country

and running down city sidewalks

we lost

weldon’s congo

can’t go home again



wicked of culture

burning and remixed

to sell us back to us

spaded and neutered

birthing madness & confusion

city kids move to the country

country kids move to the city

no resting restless

can’t breathe

wont invest

forgot how they got here

& where they come from

watch em run

watch em run

treated like haiti

waiting to explode

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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2 Responses to landless

  1. Karen Seneferu says:

    Chills! Thank you so much! You honor the Ancestors!

  2. asumcatring says:

    So true, we are lost in a sea of victimization. Time to look up from the mire and see daylight with our own eyes; work for relief with our own hands; pray for our own salvation; realize it is by the few the many are saved–like the ancestors it was one with eleven others that continue to change the minds of the world through peace and action. It will take a few, committed, sencere and without motives for self grandizement to make the way for us all. Who will come off the roof top when the call is made? Hopefully not the rogues that came before and did only for themselves, afraid not to become us but them.

    Peace I love your thoughts and research it gives me pause and hope for the future.


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