Thirty Poems in Thirty Days

On that 30/30. A poem a day for thirty days!

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OK, so I am answering the 30/30 challenge offered by a group of fellow poets. I will post a poem a day for the month of April in this thread: some just the random snippets running around in my head, others inspired by the moment, the nightly news, and the music of the streets; perhaps the space will offer something keepable — but here’s to the discipline of writers writing, filling the world with random beauty, and clearing the poetic chatter in my head!

Poem # 11 (5/11/2015) At the Emerald Tablet

sometimes you wander into temple unknowingly

unexpectedly finding yourself in the scared

you find your way there or maybe you

came to be fed to fill your spirit you might

have been invited to be a part of the ritual

unfoldin if you were you feel

special when you realize you are in prayer

with other artist creating sublimity…

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