there are four directions

infinite paths to be danced on

one could become anything

choice is an invitation into

a way of being

be it good or bad small or

tall a place on the earth one

agrees to stand in


is limitless it does not always knock

sometimes it must be made

the universe wants you to win

you write the tale you choose

hero or villain both maybe its all

perspective no right no wrong only

consequence be willing to pay &

forward is always possible

even when boulders appear

if one chooses to go forward

lightening will strike

if you strike iron

sparks fly

to confirm your ability to fly

you must take wing

if you decide to fly

the universe will provide wings

you must recognize them

be prepared to understand if

they take you underwater

no accidents

only possibility

only synergy

only flow

only energy

only ase

the universe is generous

it wants you to win

it provides all you need

are your hands open

are your ears & eyes open

is your heart & soul open

are you open

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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