May Day 2015

equity will come

marching shouting

with a list of demands

fist in air

no more


not enough

right to life

right to work

workers rights

peoples rights

shouting no more


not enough

it will come

wrested at cost

it will not come

quietly after waiting

if you are full

the hungry matter less

than if you are hungry

then you understand

the hunter does not understand

the game just the hunt

if the hunter becomes game

he may develop an overstanding

of breath still

invisible storm

all around the smell

of death as familiar as

the memory of mothers milk

this overstanding requires demonstrations

of understanding sheep

know they must survive but they know

they know not all are blind

deaf & dumb is a survival technique

grown in the belly

where one understands

children must be fed

the house must be warmed

there must be a house

jobs are not the enemy

bosses can be

bleeding ones  labor like leeches

tethering you by your need

because there are doctor bills

teeth that need straightening

life that calls

on flickering screens 60 inches

in rented homes working on

the American Dream which may

be sleeping dead require a higher credit

score more zeros than

minimum which does not

support even the minimum

not even a down-payment on the

dream can’t even be deferred

from where you are standing

you begin to understand maybe

it was  a lie from the beginning

so building a better dream

requires dancing it from sheep

growing overstanding

momentum building number

growing shouting loud enough to

wake the world because

the say no flags only currency

money changers run the temple

capitalism is expert at making

its enemies into itself so

as the center of babel goes

so does the world

May Day we set aside

the muzzle of needing to survive

seize the day across the

globe to remind us we are not

alone awake not all are sheep

not all sheep are asleep

some see shaking off necessity for

one day to march a new dream

down streets out loud in the

day time saying we know

we know we know that nothing

will be given them that got got

its important not to get got

if you a have not we know

bills must be paid

survival is the plan but not the imperative

we know we know

equity will come

marching shouting

with a list of demands

fist in air


no more


not enough

no more

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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