i see you

i recognize the

look in your eyes

i have been am

may be you again

every day a struggle

too much responsibility

dreams of flying

flying in dreams to

be grounded upon waking

defending your being

your right to be

choices you live with

dissected by others to

translate your worth

you are worthy

you are your own savior

the air in your lungs the wind

for the wings in your heart

the universe knows your name

its waiting for you to remember

you are what you need to discover

to find to nurture to protect in order

to walk whole into the destiny

intended for you do not give up

the miracle is waiting to be you

don’t get weary you don’t lose

if you refuse to be fierce

the universe wants you to win

it needs you to know that

be encouraged now is not always

you are worthy

the universe knows

it wants you to know

you can win

you can win

you are worthy

be encouraged

i see you

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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