beautiful the dreams

that grow within

if you look deep you

can see into the room i keep

them in like treasure gold

glittering you just have to

look beyond the scars the signs

that i have fell down hit the

ground so hard it left impressions

on my being touched the continent

that holds my feelings for the things

i see where i have been the people

who let me down

didn’t catch me pushed me kicked

when i was down

there are scars from shore to

shore in the ocean that is me

if you don’t take time they maybe all you

see i am scarred badges of my victory

over monstrous events destined to eat

me whole leave a shell with no story

to tell of the hunters i left hungry with

the scent of me in their nostrils no story

of the deserts crossed with only intention

grace and the thought that i can not lose

no tale of the mountains climbed to bring

food to the valley no testimony remembering

the feeling of crossing the water in the bottom

to rise to make limbo the statement of my

continuing no evidence of the majick

that has held me in the midst of the storm

only the scars as testament to the journey

on a path with rocks wide as the sky

scars that note test by fire

the cost of seeing

the price for remembering

the toll exacted for upright spines

tilted heads that seek stars

refusing to bow knowing my

godz are higher than i living

natural like i

eyes open 3 times

face to the sky scent of  sage & frankincense

fed in famine

no thirst even in drought

self propelled always with

never without

creating a way when

there is no way

scarred to signify feet on the

ground engagement with

the event of existence

battle seasoned

born to struggle

walking with hands moving

trying to make life the prayer

the victory song

the scars say i was here

i am here

i am that i am

capable resilient unafraid

everything whispered to me

the thing called for before

i took a breath walking the path

destined desired ordained for

those who will accept the scars

not let them define

them transcend them

make them into music

ocean waves

thunder your victory dance

beautiful the dreams that

grow within

if you look inside you

may stumble into the room

i keep them in

you just have to

see beyond the scars

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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