i was invited to the party

i made the trip in my

birthday suit screaming

my arrival pulling first

air into lungs i am & that’s a wondrous

thing i think longing for a shower

sipping coffee on the side of the bed

many years later grown big

still enthralled by small things

the sun rising the way oya plays

in the trees birds bestowing blessings

as their wings beat the sky i think

i am alive & that’s a wondrous thing

like the moon knowing when to go

to bed seeds knowing when to grow

the color blue & forests wondrous

the way music invites dance so you

move life invites you too pick up

the basket its your party favor inside

all the things you get to make life

no basket the same different things inside

along with the invite for a splendorous ride

you will laugh you will cry you will win you

will lose all in the game if you try

i am alive & that’s wondrous i think

heart beating broken but beating still

will tested but still will

not weary think i’m stronger now

the hill looks taller now

but i’ll get there somehow

cause i am alive full of

purpose with moving hands

on a path that is this life

with its ups and downs

thorns and crowns

feet not touching ground

getting up after falling down

dreams manifest

test after test

rocks on the road

the heavy load

on we go cause we know

we got the prize when

we got life so we try

to get it right its worth the fight

worth the chance to dance

i think

i am alive

& that’s a wondrous thing

bless this day

as you find your way

take the time to say

i am alive &

that’s a wondrous thing

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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