That New Millennium Dime: The Dime

That New Millennium Dime

A.Nzinga's Blog

That new millennium dime/

this one

a defining dime

like when you look back and see

you/got grown/learned sumthin/

this one was not hollow/ but it didn’t smell like an unill wind

you had to dig deep/shit got lost

hot buttered soul/the godfather of soul/ms. abbey

michael moon walked into immortality/we lost shit

rights/innocence/the ability to pretend ignorance/

descendants of stolen afrikans lost centuries of ground

and the house on it

we lost shit


the hood is on fire

the cowboys have come to settle the land

in west oakland/south berkeley/east oakland/hunters point

easy access baby

you moved to antioch



out to bay point/

the police and the army merged


skip to my motha killinnnnng lou

shoot you/ ya mama/ and ya baby cousin too/

need a muzzle on the army/on my street/

nasty buiznezz this dime

mask off

in the street/ do you hear me now/

talkin to you/ what time do you…

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