come dancing


come dancing with me

lets dress up

lets step  out late

lets shimmy grind shake

stay out all night

tell them to pour us

a double shot of life

bottoms up

like we are alive

cuz life is short

& the dance floor is on fire

lets go dancing

somewhere new where we

are just the music and bodies moving

in the dark perfect we can drink

rhythm till we drunk then

pour another one keep ’em coming

tell the barkeep to run ’em

lets go dancing

where they do that dance

we never saw so we have to learn

& then we kill the dance

when its our turn

where the lights are low

& no one knows we are running

away from cares for the moment

melting in the no where

looking desperately for air

to be in life not in search of it

trying to set a burden

down for a moment to

rearrange a soul full of burdens

come dancing

let’s shake our souls free

underneath the stars

bring a summer breeze

lets dance among the trees

roll in the leaves

count clouds out loud

call it a song & dance along

come dancing

lets explode in the crowd

laugh out loud for

just a little while

free & wild

for just

a while

lets go dancing

dancing free & wild

lets go dancing

come dancing

with me

come dancing

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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