same song

they want to know

why my song don’t change

it is my song it go where

I go been through what I been

seen what I seen it by default

know what I know it is my song

how it gone change when life don’t

change it can only change that much

me and my song of storm been out

in the rain falling down holding on

trying to get up letting go can’t take it

no more my song is waiting for you to

pay your dues it has paid over and over

my song is the song of dues paid waiting

for your bill to be paid my song been wandering

passed through Birmingham lived in Mississippi

walked up the 66 into Chicago under the bridges

on the outskirts through shacks and red lined houses

my song strolled in Harlem tried to spread its wings

found itself in St. Louis Pittsburg

my song tried to soar it took the train traveling

in the back it drug tales of cotton

and the lynching tree believing it could be more than it was

it rose up when pressed down exploding angry frustrated

broke on western streets in los angles san francisco oakland

it struggled it stormed it raged it pointed the way out of no way

my song is looking for itself how my song

gone change when ain’t nothing changed

my song know what it know and

that’s what it sing my song is mine

its what I got I wrap in it stand on it stand for

it and it stands for and by me we are our foundation

everybody got to have a home a home need

a strong foundation my song is searching for home

till then it live in my heart keeping the beat

it know what it know

that’s what it sing

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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