Diary of a Mad Creative: I create therefore I am. Pt 4

Theater is the land of Murphy’s Law; what can go wrong will.

I have told you that the drama of presenting drama often threatens to eclipse the intended production.

It’s all in the portal swirling madly with the overstanding we are desperately seeking.

Which will speak loudest? We never know, we only know the final verdict will be spoken in the voice of the Theater Godz, and the edict will be law.

Reality is always as interesting as fiction and much harder to survive. In the course of pre-production, we have had illness, birth, incarceration, poverty, employment, school, and family issues that have demanded and threatened the attention of actors. We only had 4 weeks to begin with; we could have easily used six months.

We have lost and replaced one character three times.

We are so under funded its laughable.

We are running a skeleton crew; we can not pay more folks.

Our set is not completed a week before opening.

Our antiquated lighting system is on its last leg and the bold beautiful new set wants more illumination than it can give.

Who are we that we refuse to fail even when success looks improbable. Who are we that the very fact of the improbability of it makes it necessary. Why do we set the bar so high when no one expects us to suceed? “What wind drives us?”

And we are driven. Driven to create the reality we want. We insist on a reality in which we acknowledge obstacles by stepping over them.  We acknowledge a reality subject to perhaps an unfair and disproportionate degree of difficulty even in our efforts to do good. We know we walk uphill both ways and yet we stay on the go. We are creators making opportunity, sense of our reality, charged with creating. We are of the “way out of no way” tribe.

You damn right we are the Mc Giver troupe and we ain’t mad. We just do. Nothing has ever stopped us. If we were wiser perhaps we would be afraid. But we don’t have time; we only got eyes for the finish line. We are determined.

Creating our own reality; we choose not to fail. We are driven to succeed. The folks that have refused to self select out are standing at the table with grit in their belly determined to bring the pony to the stable. We do. We don’t know anything else. We are in the portal fighting for our blessing.

Today we pray:

All stay the course; believe in right over might.

Accept that you are a gift from the multiverse to its self; it wants you to succeed.

Where there is light, there must be darkness, how else could we see the light?

Continue to be fathers, mothers, sisters, daughters, sons, daughters, brothers, family- your dedcation to these roles make you fit to play the roles we demand you play on stage.

Stay in life. It will prepare you to bring it to the stage.

Let us be your refuge; leave it all on the stage, get your blessing.

We support you in your real life. We want you to shine.

We ask:

That the negative move to the left. We are in the room. We are riders of the storm. Ain’t nothing you can pull we ain’t seen. We plan to win.

Diamonds are created by pressure.

Watch us shine.

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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