Water Rites


ain’t nobody business what

me & the water

talks about


if you listening

you know there’s

layers beneath

the surface & mo’ than

the top glistens

a life time of miles

below the glassy top

bone white ancestors

freed by graceful

dives into the oblivion

fathoms of divination

whisper to the living

water is a conductor

I am a listener


as salt water

reflecting the ocean

glistens as it glides

down a face

turned towards the song

from the bone yard

divination floats

taste like songs of fire

on the wind


perfect storms

to guide

me in the whirlwind


of 3 eyes

no beginning

no end


Dogg Starz




like sand


Ethiopia has set wing

to be brought

to root in blood soaked ground

in foreign lands

guided by prayer

seeking to follow


where ever we are scattered




may the circle be unbroken

faith un shattered

one voice in the water

I hear them

the message never falters


as the waves that beat the shore


calls to


there’s a hunger in the cry

only justice can satisfy

history can be made to lie

but the water testifies

ancestors wait my thirsty

souls reply

tears sizzle

in the fire burning in open eyes

heart can barley

hold the pain

living awake and sane

amongst the dead and maimed

suffering the weight of this sad refrain

“we still dying”

living blind

just holding on

most done went insane

the blind can’t hear

the lame don’t talk

been a long time

since the deaf did more than

walk, we march at

the mercy of misguided gatekeepers,

lower lords deliverers

of misery

Orunde say

“we cut; bleed”

drew us a picture

we still lost our way

they poisoned the milk and honey

fools sell soul for money

Fanon’s warriors

with out a war


each other

on a field surrounded by bankers

drawing red lines in sand

soaked by the blood of immigrants

& the souls they stole

grave robbers rule the world

morticians profit

privatized pirates plunder

the tales of blackbirds

bitterly airbrushed into the by and by

untold they still struggle

to fly


though I know

it makes

water cry

I can’t lie

“we still dying”

the bones still wait

blood still                             calls blood

the tide is coming


insistence on memory


“who pushed who first ?”


the water knows


ain’t no body business what we talks about


if you listening


the songs of fire


tide returns


we remember


water is a conductor

but fire

can heal or destroy




About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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1 Response to Water Rites

  1. nakia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. This poem is so inspirational and empowering. I really appreciate you and your attention to the struggle and liberation of our people. Truly a Queen!!!!!!


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